Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your travel fee?

Travel costs vary depending on wedding location. I now offer wedding packages. Please enquire via my 'Contact Lilly' page to receive package information.

Where does the wedding trial take place?

Trials take place at a location on the Gold Coast on Thursdays only. Unfortunately no Friday or Saturday trials available. Trials are only available to confirmed brides and can be booked within 4 months of your wedding date.

How far in advance should I do a trial?

I recommend trials be done within 4 months of the wedding date. That way you may also have a clearer idea of your dress and hairstyle for the day.

When is payment due?

A 30% deposit will be made upon agreement of the wedding booking after the client has complied with the chosen package. The final payment is due in full no later than two weeks out from the wedding.

What is the minimum number of makeups for a wedding booking?

The minimum number of makeups for a Friday or Saturday wedding is 5 people. Please get in touch via my 'Contact Lilly' page if you would like more information on my packages.

What happens if the number of people requiring makeup on the day of my wedding changes?

I understand that things can change in the lead up to your wedding day. Unfortunately there are to be no changes of numbers within 8 weeks of the booking. You will still be charged at the final invoice amount that was originally quoted.

At what point will you hire an assistant to help on the day?

I am able to complete 6 people alone on the day of the wedding. However any more and I will acquire an assistant of my choosing with an assistant's fee of $200. Also, if it is a morning ceremony and there is a large group then I will also require an assistant. Please contact me via the 'Contact Lilly' page for more information.

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